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ChatGPT Prompting: A Guide to Creating Clear and Successful Effective Prompts – Part 2

Common mistakes to avoid when crafting ChatGPT prompts Crafting effective ChatGPT prompts requires careful consideration and attention to detail. However, it’s easy to make mistakes that can hinder the effectiveness of your prompts and the overall quality of the conversation.  →
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ChatGPT Prompting: A Guide to Creating Clear and Successful Effective Prompts – Part 1

When ChatGPT first launched last month, I was immediately captivated by its capabilities. I experimented with the tool in a variety of ways and was consistently amazed by the results. As I saw others finding creative ways to use ChatGPT  →
1 Views : 88

The best prompts for ChatGPT – Part 2

ChatGPT queries and prompts: how to formulate them intelligently and competently A correctly formulated question is known to be half the answer. And when communicating with ChatGPT, as well as with other AI-bots, the ability to write the request correctly  →
1 Views : 97

The best prompts for ChatGPT – Part 1

Top 300 ChatGPT Prompts for Discovering the Potential of AI In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has come to be seen as a powerful tool that can change many aspects of our lives. One area in which AI is beginning  →
3 Views : 101

What is a neural network?

What is a neural network? A neural network is a technique in artificial intelligence that teaches computers to process data in the same way as the human brain. It is a type of machine learning process called deep learning that uses  →
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